Travellers whether  leisure or business are exposed to a certain amount of risk depending on destination, number of countries visited per year, length of stay etc. This risk can come in the form of a mosquitoe bite, milkshake or a motor vehicle accident. A certain amount of preparation is required to ensure that most risks have been addressed and steps taken to minimise these risks.

Destination specific knowledge is required to assess  these risks whether infectious or otherwise and it is here that a travel clinic is of value both for the individual traveller or the corporate and business traveller.

Randburg  Travel Clinic is licensed by the Dept. of Health to offer Yellow Fever vaccination and  a member of the South African Society of Travel Medicine ( SASTM). We offer advice on all travel related health issues and vaccinations.

What We Offer

  • Travel related health advice for business and recreational travellers regardless of destination.
  • Vaccinations for Yellow fever and certification as required by WHO and Dept.of Health.
  • Malaria advice and chemoprophylaxis as appropriate.
  • Meningitis vaccination as required by Saudi Arabia for purposes of Hajj and Umra.
  • Hepatitis A and B vaccination.
  • Typhoid vaccination.
  • Tetanus and Polio vaccination. These are administered together with pertussis and diphtheria as a quadrivalent vaccine.
  • Influenza vaccination.
  • Cholera vaccination as appropriate.
  • Rabies vaccination also offered as deemed appropriate.
  • Advice for special needs travellers eg.disabled, elderly, diabetics, frail.
  • Medicals, hearing tests, lung functions and on site-Xray facilities.
  • Laboratory services are also provided.

About Us

Our travel clinic has been operational since 1995 and is run personally by a medical practitioner with an interest in travel medicine and tropical diseases. Our clinic is licensed with the Dept. of Health and we are a member of the South African Society of Travel Medicine. Our travel clinic is operational from the Randburg Medicross which has the following services available: doctors (medicals, diving medicals, aviation medicals) pharmacy, radiology, pathology services, audiology, optometry and  physiotherapy. Thanks to our society we are notified of disease outbreaks or unrest situations as and when they occur and thus kept up to date with international events.

Our travel clinic has been operational since 1995

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