Yellow fever vaccinations is destination specific and remains a compulsory vaccination for countries south of the Sahara and north of Zimbabwe (Africa) and all countries bordering onto the Amazon forest (South America).The incidence in South America is 1 per 100 000 and 10 per 100 000 in Africa.  Travellers require an official Yellow Fever certificate to be completed by a certified and approved travel clinic (these criteria are set by Dept. of Health and WHO).

Certain travellers MAY NOT receive this vaccine and thus require an exemption letter stipulating the reasons for this. The exemption must be stamped by the licensed clinic.

Valid 10 days after having received vaccination and for a period of 10 years.

Please note the following with regard to the Yellow Fever map for Africa:

  • This map is as specified by WHO and areas depicted are as recommended by WHO
  • South African authorities however DO require Yellow Fever vaccination for travellers returning from East Africa ad Zambia despite risk being low for Yellow fever as stipulated in the maps below